"Spiritual Gifts - an Exploration"

Lent Course - 2014

Notes from the bible study at the meeting on June 5th:- The River of Life


The Lent Course this year in our parishes was to enable us to reflect on the gifts that God has given us and those he might want to give, in the time ahead of us.

If you would like to remind yourself of any part of the course, or if you missed it, then follow the link below for the 'Spiritual Gifts' course contents, introduction session, notes for the group meetings and the final session. The 'Leaders Guide' has also now been added on-line. There is also some general feedback that was not of a confidential nature.

Before the course started our Vicar said:-
"This is a personal journey for change and growth, but also a journey with others, as in God’s kingdom where – unlike how the world around us often thinks – gifts are given for sharing, not for personal gain. Above all, we pray it will be a journey of growing together into the power and likeness of God. We hope you will be a part of it, and its fruit will flow out into our churches and communities."

Where do we go from here? now that the course itself has finished.
As well as housegroups a further meeting was held in church on Thursday 5th June at 7.30. The notes from the Bible study at the meeting are here at
The River of Life

'Spiritual Gifts' Course syllabus and weekly material


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