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Rural Matters!

Seasonal Worship from the Countryside

the 'Staffordshire Seven'

This book contains seasonal Orders of Service and worship resources.

A broad rural experience, weaving together varied activities and drawing on various strands of Christian tradition, has shaped the material offered. There are prayers, liturgies and resources for seasonal celebrations.

Background notes, practical suggestions for preparation and activities, ideas for adults and for children are included at the beginning of many sections

The worship material, which is designed to take account of the changing seasons of the year, includes community as well as agricultural festivals. The aim is to address more closely the needs of country people, and to provide a supplement to 'Common Worship' and other regular Service material.

Although produced primarily to meet the needs of the rural parishes this is a book which can also help urban parishes to re-connect with the countryside and the natural flow of the seasons. This book was published by SPCK; some copies still available online

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