El Camino de Santiago


The Call to Pilgrimage


Text © TWB 2012

In busy world how can we come aside?
Give up this strife.
Is there no refuge wherein we can hide?
And find new life.
Some days spent on a lonely mountain peak,
Would be such bliss.
Long ignored yearning deep within my heart,
Points me to this.

A deep and tranquil life in abbey grand,
Is not for me.
I need to use my all, heart, mind and hand,
In liberty.
Where can I find my Lord and peace within?
From sin set free.
I will arise and go from home and kin,
And pilgrim be.

So on an April morn, clear, mild and bright,
From open door.
I entered on a journey from my home,
To distant shore.
No tears shed there for those left far behind,
No call to stay.
But seek the Lord in far off distant land,
A world away.

© TWB 2012