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YOUR KINGDOM COME, . . . . . . ON EARTH . . . . .

Isaiah 30: 19-21, 23-26
It is this to which we look forward in this passage (and in the season of Advent).
We look forward to -
The time when those who live in God's Holy City will "weep no more".
The time when there will be ideal weather for sowing and reaping.
The time when there will be good grazing for the cattle and plenty of silage.
The time when there will be water available for all.
The time when there will be no need to worry about leaving lights on!

More than that, God's Kingdom will be a time when the Lord Himself will heal our aching souls and bodies, binding up our wounds and comforting us. (c.f. Revelation 21: verses 3 - 4)
But . . it is "still not yet".

We are still waiting. We are still hurting. We still have "the bread of adversity" and "the water of affliction". So, what is our expectation while we wait? What should we be seeking this Advent?

Having been privileged to walk one of the ancient pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela, I know the importance of keeping on the right track! Keeping "in the Way". Alone in the mist, on a track over the mountains can be nerve-racking if not dangerous! Yes, there are waymarks: yellow arrows pointing the correct route. But how much better and easier it is with a companion who has walked it before. A "Teacher", (a Guide) who knows the dangers and the problems. A "Teacher" who can keep us on track.

Reflecting on my pilgrimage after I returned, I wrote:-

"We need to remember,
That our incarnate Lord once walked
The roads of Galilee.
And still He walks with us
On this our daily pilgrimage through life."
The Lord God has not left His people without a guide in this time of need! Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us His promise "I will not leave you desolate (comfortless, orphans), I will come to you." (John 14 verse 18)The presence of the Holy Spirit is a reality in the life of a follower of Jesus. In that Spirit, our Master, Lord, and Teacher speaks to us saying day by day:-
"This is the Way, walk in it"

So we pray in the words of Isaac Williams, the hymn writer:-
"Be Thou my Guardian and my Guide
and hear me when I call.
Let not my slippery footsteps slide
and hold me lest I fall.

So be it Lord. Amen.

Notes on sources:-
My Pilgrimage reflections can be found at:- Pilgrimage

Isaac Williams lived 1802 - 1865. His work is in the public domain!

This reflection was originally written for FCN volunteers - TWB


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