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Lent Course 2014



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Session 1: Definition of Spiritual Gifts. - Together in Church
Aim: To define Spiritual Gifts

The primary source is the Word of God.
The role of Spiritual Gifts in the life of the Church -
Given that the Church may grow! " For the equipment of the saints for their work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ." (Ephesians 4. V. 12)
The need for ministry - what is the "Ministry of the Church as the Body of Christ".
Bible study on key text:- Ephesians Chapter 4 verses 7 to 16

Session 2: Spiritual Gifts, - in small groups
Aim: To introduce Spiritual Gifts

Introduction to Spiritual Gifts - They are "gifts of grace" not rewards for good service!

Distinct from (but may supplement) natural gifts which are also God given.
May be given for a specific task / time, but:-
Image of "The Body" = each member / gift functioning as part of the whole. l Corinthians 12, v.v. 12 - 27. Romans 12. v.v. 3 - 8. Ephesians 4. v. 16.
What are the "Spiritual Gifts" - Lists in I Corinthians 12 vv. 8 - 28, Romans 12 vv. 6 - 8 and Ephesians 4 v. 11 (Use list of gifts from CPAS course - link to follow in Session 3)
A discussion of communication gifts, leadership gifts, sign gifts and practical gifts.

Session 3: Discovering our Spiritual Gifts: - in small groups
Aim: To learn how we can discover our Spiritual Gift(s)

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: . . . . "
(Romans 12, v.6)

How do we discover what God has given us?

Four Essentials:-
1) You have to be a Christian! Jesus Christ must be Lord of your life - you are then a Member of the Body of Christ and as such will have a Spiritual Gift (or Gifts) for work in His service.
2) You have to believe in Spiritual Gifts!
3) You have to be willing to work. This is not an ego trip but a call to service.
4) You have to pray. Ask God to reveal to us the Gift(s) He has given. James 1. v. 5.
You may have a Gift which you are supposed to be using but aren't. Paul kept reminding Timothy to "neglect not the Gift . ." (I Tim 4, v. 14) - "stir up the Gift . . . " (II Tim 1, v. 6) - "do the work of an Evangelist . . . " (II Tim 4 v. 5).

Finding your spiritual gift(s):-

Look at CPAS "SHAPE" work sheet and questions for Homework. This is a practical exercise in the form of a questionaire (p3-6)to help identify what gifts God may have given you.

Session 4: What Gifts do we have and how do we use them? - in small groups
Aim: How we can use our Spiritual Gifts

N.B. The Questionaire will be useful in our last session together next week! “Every Member In Ministry”

How do we use our gifts? 1 Corinthians 12

We are called to use our gifts in a way that glorifies the Giver, builds the Body, and extends the Kingdom.

Spend some time on feedback from the personal questionaire.
A sharing of the following :-
Was it helpful?
What have you learnt?
Is there anything that you want to share with the group?
Is there anything that you have found difficult or disturbing?

How do we use our “Gifts”?     A discussion on I Corinthians chapter 12.
We will look at these five bullet points to acheive the “Aim” of the session:-

  • Remember the source
  • Develop a right attitude
  • Recognise our dependence on God
  • Focus on the common good.
  • Function as a body.

A discussion on temperament, natural talents, learned skills and life experiences and Spiritual Gifts. How do they 'fit together' and enhance each other?

Session 5: Every Member In Ministry – Together in Church
Aim: How we can further develop our Spiritual Gifts in the Church Body

Spiritual care and guidance in use of Gifts:-

1. Common errors. - See CPAS "SHAPE" work sheet p.7.
2. Role of Pastors and Teachers in guiding and directing the “Body of Christ”.
3. Need for accountability! - Suggest a "Spiritual Friend" or "Spiritual Director".
4. Need for maturity and love in the Church Body in order for the Gifts to be used as the Lord intended.
5. No jealousy, back-biting or bitterness: these can all "quench the Spirit". (I Thess.5 v.19.)
6. Need to use the Gift(s) given;- l Timothy 4. v. 14; ll Timothy 1. v. 6; ll Timothy 4. v. 5. (presuming that Timothy had the Gift of "Evangelist").

Ask if you can try some of these things as a way of experimenting whether you have a gift in that area. Set a time frame for the experiment and then review it with someone else (your Spiritual Friend).


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