Spiritual Gifts Course - 2014

Notes for church members


Syllabus - Week 1.

Introduction - week 1:- 'The role of Spiritual Gifts in the life of the church'. Aim - to define Spiritual Gifts
Please note that the 'Final/Last page'link in slides 1-25 goes to slide 26 and there are now 5 more after that . Click on 'Extra slides' to see the full set as shown in church. The 'Last page', the 'open box' therefore appears twice on the web version.

Syllabus - Week 2:- Spiritual Gifts - 'gifts of grace'. Specific gifts. Aim - to introduce Spiritual Gifts. With some notes from the group meetings.

Syllabus - Week 3:- with link to the CPAS questionnaire and instructions for use.

Syllabus - Week 4:- What Gifts do we have and how do we use them? Reflecting and sharing within the group (as far as we feel able and willing) our responses to the questionnaire. Bible study on 1 Corinthians 12

Syllabus - Week 5:- Every Member In Ministry Together in Church

Course Summary
Leaders Notes

The River of Life:- Bible study notes - from the meeting on June 5th

Candlemas 2014:- Sermon notes
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